India by Shades is a community offering an extensive platform to let you reach out to the world through your creativity. We provide you with the opportunity to share your enthralling experiences and stories about art, food, photography and a lot more. We endeavor to reveal the veiled shades of India – the true colors and essence of the renowned cultures, traditions, festivals, and practices. For the minds that love to be in a different league, it can turn out to be the best possible way to let the talent speak. Rightly said, talent hidden is a talent wasted. So, with the vision of creating a hub of vivid artistry, we invite you to join hands and come up with phenomenal work, never seen before


Creativity is all about imagination and originality. We serve as a medium to propagate your thoughts and ideas to the masses and make them feel the power of your imagination. The main idea behind the inception of IBS was to bring together all the creative minds of the country on a single platform. With the unfeigned efforts of the team and the zealous participants, this platform will surely turn out to be one of the most cherished ways of gaining knowledge and skills from people all over the country.
Moving forward, we plan to confer the platform to travelers, artists, and bloggers coming up with actuating pieces of work for the others. It will be a platform with the uncurbed expressions of people about the glory, and diversity of the nation.
Moving on towards the future goals and objectives of the community, we will be working towards conducting events across the country to spread our ideas and promote our motives. This will also provide them with a bigger and a better stage to present their skills and get a recognition among the crowd.


The entries and works can be submitted in any form and can be based on any topic, event or concept. After appropriate verification by the team, the works will be published with the sender’s name. In case of any errors or issues, the sender will be contacted prior to the publication of the content.


One of the steps towards keeping our users engrossed in their works is to provide them with a recognition for their continuous efforts to take the community to greater heights. The monthly progress and contribution of the users will be tracked daily. Depending upon the quality of the content delivered and several other criteria, we will be issuing e-certificates. At the end of the month, the person with the most remarkable involvement and work will be successful in bagging the certificate.
Apart from all these, the user gets a chance to see the world through the eyes of numerous other residents of the country. He/She shall get acquainted with different forms of art, skills, styles of writing and illustrations. Overall, it would be a great learning experience for each one of us..